Entrepreneurship – India.

Entrepreneurship – India.                                     by Ashok.

India was known for its outsourcing jobs from the western world.  This was gradually replaced with high level IT tasks, consulting services and R&D. As the western world felt the effects of credit crunch, the call centre jobs started diminishing. India was later depending on software development projects, and consultancy services which helped to feed the vast job market.

The trend is currently changing at a fast pace. A new culture of entrepreneurship for developing innovative technology products is seen emerging. With banks ready to lend a helping hand and the government in favour of investments from any source, India is in the wave of entrepreneurship revolution.


Technology – India – Solar Energy.

Technology – India – Solar Energy.     by Ashok.

The National Solar Mission programme in India’s research wing had a breakthrough in polysilicon manufacturing which promises solar energy at a very cheap price. The solar cells using this technology generates more power than the conventional one. For a 1 MW solar power capacity, conventional solar technology uses 33,000 solar modules. With this new technology, the same power capacity can be generated using 25,000 modules.


The National Solar Mission target is 15 GW by 2019. With this new technology, scientists are convinced that they can easily reach this target.  This technology breakthrough will be a boon for the energy shortage in rural areas were the electricity grid coverage is minimal. As sunlight is abundant in the Indian subcontinent, this project will be a success with more and more companies investing in this technology.

Technology – India – Plastic to Petrol and diesel.

Technology – India – Plastic to Petrol and diesel.                   by Ashok 

The scientists in India have developed the technology to convert plastic into petrol and diesel. Indian Institute of Petroleum in Dehradun, India was doing research on this technology recently and has come up with this breakthrough which will help India to reduce the plastic waste as well as help in reducing the petroleum export to a small extent. The gasoline and diesel produced by this method is of low sulphur content which will improve the efficiency of engines and reduce the emission levels thus helping the environment. The cost of producing this fuel is half that of the fuel produced from crude hydrocarbons. Once commercially implemented, this will address the major problem caused by plastic waste.

This technology breakthrough has highlighted the need for investment in research in nations whether it is rich or poor. Only through technological breakthrough, a country can progress. This should be a good example for all the developing nations around the world.

Prosthetic and Orthotic Technologies

Prosthetics and Orthotics: are separate self-motivated and growing allied health science technologies. Though we can technically refer to them as separate entities, Prosthetic and Orthotic technologies have a common goal which causes them to “marry” in the view to enhance the Functionality and the lifestyle of a patients’ in need of rehabilitation.

Prosthetic Technology : This encompasses the employment of prostheses (artificial limbs) in order to augment the functionality and the lifestyle of persons who have loss any of their limbs. Read More